Multiplatform Content Production

We provide creative input from conceptualization to distribution. Our objective is aimed at ensuring you produce high quality content that is engaging and marketable. We develop content strategies in writing, production, distribution, marketing and monetization. Our processes are time-based and best practices are maintained at every stage.

Content Distribution

Media Pros Africa’s distribution team acts on behalf of content owners worldwide. We aggregate the most competitive and creative genres for a unique viewer experience and negotiate attractive license deals. Our team goes beyond just accumulating a catalogue by ensuring viewer consumption dynamics are taken into consideration.

Channel Development

We design customized channel solutions that meet your vision. Media Pros Africa understands the business of developing and managing channels across multiple platforms including TV, Web and Mobile. Our team of professionals takes your idea and turns it into a unique proposition that is highly attractive to your audience and advertisers.

Content Marketing

We provide you with market analysis and develop business strategies on content, positioning, acquisition, scheduling and on-air branding. Depending on your distribution platform, we advice on the best approach for monetization. Working with Media Pros Africa to realize the launch of your channel is an exciting and memorable experience.


Media Training

We create opportunities for ideas exchange by organizing training workshops in partnership with our global media partners. Our key areas of focus are: development and digitization of content, production for multiplatform consumption, story development, content branding and monetization, licensing term negotiations as well as technical skills development.

Business Development

We provide a real media business solution aimed at ensuring your business gains and retains its competitive edge. Our team of experts works closely with you to develop a new strategy or adapt an existing one, in a bid to generate more revenue by building your audience, attracting potential investors, optimization of business operations and customer satisfaction.

Talent Acquisition

We offer casting services for content creators by identifying professionals with the core competencies required to deliver on your project. We also negotiate contracts and manage the talent on behalf of our clients. Having worked in the Africa media landscape, we have built an unrivalled database of Africa’s best.

Events Management

We endeavor to manage memorable events and enable our clients to network and effectively promote their products and services to the East African and African Markets at large. With extensive experience in the Media industry we are set to design and organize events for our clients that help them best achieve their desired objectives.