Our Services

Content Distribution

Our objective is to facilitate optimal content deals for producers both within and outside of Africa. We curate a selection of African content that is not only highly competitive but also exceptionally creative, offering viewers a distinctive and engaging experience. Through a meticulous process, we identify suitable media platforms and skillfully negotiate appealing acquisition agreements. Our approach extends beyond mere catalog aggregation; we meticulously consider audience consumption trends and strategically position your content across various media platforms to maximize monetization potential.

Content Marketing

We offer an exhaustive market analysis encompassing consumer insights and formulate strategic methodologies to empower you in fully capitalizing on your content, driven by the latest media research. Our holistic approach is centered on the creation, publication, and distribution of content meticulously crafted to engage and retain specific audiences, ultimately ensuring the achievement of objectives for both customers and advertisers.

Content Production

We offer comprehensive creative guidance spanning the entire content creation journey, from conceptualization through production to monetization via distribution. Our primary goal is to assist you in producing premium-quality content that is both engaging, contextually pertinent, and commercially prosperous. We specialize in crafting strategies for every facet of story development and production, encompassing the pre-production phase right through to post-production, thus providing you with the most effective framework for your creative concept. Our suite of services is meticulously designed to provide you with timely and cost-efficient solutions tailored to meet your production requisites.

Channel Development

We specialize in crafting tailor-made channel solutions that align seamlessly with your creative vision, ensuring an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for your viewers. With an astute comprehension of the intricate realm of channel development and management, spanning diverse platforms such as terrestrial and pay television, over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand (VOD), and mobile, our team of adept professionals translates your concept into a distinctive and compelling offering. This unique proposition holds immense allure for your content providers, audience, and advertisers alike.

Media Training

We facilitate collaborative opportunities for the exchange of ideas by orchestrating training workshops in collaboration with our esteemed global media associates. Our primary areas of concentration encompass the development and digital transformation of content, multiplatform production, narrative refinement, content branding and commercialization, licensing term negotiations, as well as the enhancement of technical skills. Our meticulously devised training initiatives are formulated to furnish you with the pinnacle of global best practices.

Talent Acquisition

We specialize in the procurement and proficient management of talent, both for content producers and organizations seeking exceptional cast members or brand ambassadors. Our discerning approach allows us to identify individuals possessing the essential proficiencies required to fulfill your specific requirements. Furthermore, we take charge of meticulously negotiating the terms of engagement between the talent and the respective organization, fostering enduring and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Event Management

We are dedicated to the proficient orchestration of remarkable events, facilitating our clients in establishing valuable connections and effectively showcasing their products and services to the expansive East African and broader African markets. Our substantial network of reputable suppliers and vendors collaborates with us to meticulously craft and execute your event, encompassing every aspect from the initial concept to the event's successful culmination. We take charge of the entire process, ensuring that your defined objectives are met, whether your event takes place on-site or in the digital realm.