Media Pros Africa extends a warm invitation for submissions of video content spanning diverse genres, intended for distribution. We accept submissions in either audio-visual format or as pitch decks (NOT Scripts) for content in the development phase.

Submission Criteria

When presenting your content for distribution, our primary focus is on its commercial appeal. To ensure the delivery of top-tier content to our clients, we employ three fundamental criteria during the review process:

  1. Story
    • Is your story creatively distinctive?
    • Does it possess emotional resonance and relatability to a broad audience?
    • Is your story creatively distinctive?
    • Are the cast performances natural and convincing?
  2. Technical
    • Does the visual and audio quality meet high broadcast standards?
    • Are transitions seamless and captivating?
    • Does it stand out in terms of visuals, sound, costumes, scenery, and graphics?
    • Have you secured the necessary rights for music, with written authorization?
    • Is it subtitled in English?
  3. Presentation
    • Is the content easily understandable and properly structured?
    • Is the value proposition clearly articulated? Is it visually appealing?
    • Do you have all the requisite assets, presented in the correct format?

While not obligatory, we may request proof of ownership for the submitted video and a copy of the Kenya Film Classification Board classification certificate (applicable to Kenya submissions only).

How to Submit

  1. Click the button below labeled Submit Video OR Submit Pitch Deck.
  2. Enter information in all mandatory fields.
  3. Click Send (You may request a copy of your responses).

Review & Feedback

Our dedicated team will rigorously review your submissions and provide constructive feedback. For any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out using the contact information provided

Media Pros Africa is unwavering in our commitment to obtaining content providers' approval before entering negotiations or agreements.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to review and consider your esteemed submissions!